Noemi Schory

NoemiHead of the Film Department at Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College, as well as an independent producer and director. The refurbished Jewish pavilion, Block 27 in Auschwitz, displays our latest work, 12 short films gathered under the title ‘The Human Spirit’. Schory has produced feature films, TV fiction, and more than 60 documentaries for Israeli broadcasters and international coproductions. Among her work: ‘A Film Unfinished’, ‘A snail in the desert’, a trilogy on Ultraorthodox Judaism, ‘Israel’s Generals’ (a 5 part series), five chapters of the ‘Tkuma’ series, and all 100 historic films in the new museum of Yad Vashem.

The films were screened at many leading film festivals and won prestigious prizes. ‘A Film Unfinished’ was awarded first prize at Hot Docs festival, an editing prize at Sundance, a script prize at Silverdocs, 1st prize at the Jerusalem Film Festival and the 1st Magnolia prize in Shanghai.

Schory lectures on the media landscape in Israel and new TV formats at the Tel Aviv University, is a member of Input (an international organization dedicated to innovation and excellence in television in the public service) and between 2005-2010 served as the International President of Input. In the past Schory was also a content consultant and served as Deputy Director at the start of Channel 2.