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A Space In Time


“A Space in Time” masterfully blends poetry and reality in its portrayal of the Taussig family grappling with Duchenne muscular dystrophy. This intimate and candid film transcends typical narratives around disability, avoiding pity or tragedy to celebrate a life lived differently. Through a mix of interviews, personal archives, and impressionistic vignettes, it offers a glimpse into Theo and Oskar’s journey from mobility to wheelchair dependency, and their parents’ struggle with the inescapable fate of losing them to an incurable disease. It’s a thought-provoking exploration of life’s complexities, where disability is just one facet of a rich existence, which society often mistakenly perceives as weakness.


  • The Guardian
    This poignant documentary about two young brothers with Duchenne muscular dystrophy celebrates the power of love and togetherness
    Phuong Le
  • Film Carnage
    ★★★★ A gentle, kind portrayal of the strength of families and a devastating exploration of this disability. It strikes a balance between a realistic, logical perspective and finding hope when it feels out of your grasp
  • Common Sense Media
    This powerfully intimate film portrait offers a candid look at how a family embraces their kids' disabilities.
    Sabrina McFarland
  • The Upcoming
    ★★★★ It’s clear just how cruel the world can be, but this will truly make viewers appreciate what they have. A challenging and sobering watch, A Space in Time is as heartfelt as it is heartbreaking.
    Jonathan Marshall

Festival Participation

  • Impact Docs Awards - 2021
    Winner, Award of Excellence, Documentary Feature
  • ScreenCraft - 2020
    Winner, Screencraft Film Fund, Film Fund Grant Program
  • Nottingham International Film Festival - 2020
    Winner, Robin Hood Award, Best Director
  • Grierson Awards - 2022
    Nominee, Grierson Award, Best Single Documentary - Domestic

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