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Beyond Zero


After a life-changing epiphany, the CEO of a global public company embarks on a high-stakes quest to eliminate all negative environmental impacts by 2020. To succeed, they must overcome deep skepticism, abandon the status quo, and ignite a new industrial revolution. Beyond Zero offers an inspirational roadmap for how business can reverse climate change.


  • "Beyond Zero tells a powerful and hugely hopeful story about what it means to build a business around restoring the earth and just why we must reimagine capitalism to heal the world – and ourselves. Don't just see this movie, bring its lessons into your company, and fast. "
    Rebecca Henderson - Professor, Harvard Business School & Author of Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire
  • “Beyond Zero is a fascinating story, not only about inspirational and visionary founder Ray Anderson, but the struggles and determination of a company trying to become a positive force in the world. The film delivers a message that needs to be told: In the end it indeed boils down to people, and business can be
    more successful and resilient, simply by doing the right thing.”
    Paul Polman - Former CEO, Unilever & Board Member, United Nations Global Compact
  • “Ray Anderson transformed his company, but more so, he transformed the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of people. He helped all of them, and me, understand the profit and potential in truly embracing sustainability — not as an add-on, but as a way of doing business. This is a must-see film for any business leader who wants her company to survive and thrive in the challenging years ahead.”
    Joel Makower - Chairman & Executive Editor, GreenBiz Group Inc.

Festival Participation

  • Boston Film Festival - 2020
    Winner Best Story
  • Denver Film Festival - 2020
    Winner Best Documentary Feature People's Choice Award
  • Architecture & Design Film Festival - 2021
  • Colorado Environmental Film Festival - 2021
  • Planet in Focus International Environmental Film Festival - 2021
  • ECO CUP International Green Film Festival - 2021
  • Montreal Independent Film Festival - 2020
  • Sustainable Living Film Festival - 2021
  • Transitions Film Festival - 2021

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