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Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story


BOOGIE MAN brilliantly explains the transformation American politics through the life of controversial strategist Lee Atwater, a blues-playing rogue whose rambunctious rise from hard-knuckled southern political strategist to Chairman of the GOP made him a household name. Atwater pioneered the modern GOP politics of fear and resentment, won the controversial 1988 Presidential Campaign, mentored Karl Rove and George W. Bush, and birthed the Tea Party and Donald Trump.
With stunning never-before-seen footage, BOOGIE MAN is an eye-opening look at America’s obsession with winning at all costs, our deepest fears, and our political system’s disturbing descent into division and hatred.


  • Baltimore Sun
    “Don't think the political war is over and be so foolish to believe that you can afford to miss it. This finely crafted political biography dissects and explains the nastiness of US politics during the past three decades like nothing I have ever read or viewed.”
    David Zurawik
  • NY Times Critic's Pick
    "Generous in spirit and nimble in technique, Stefan Forbes's riveting documentary about the Republican operative reveals a scrappy genius rife with contradictions."
    Jeannette Catsoulis
  • UK Telegraph
    "Astonishing...a compelling, fascinating portrait...Part of an unprecedented clutch of heavyweight political films from Hollywood."
  • Washington Post #1 Can't Miss Pick
    "In the can't-look-away documentary "Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story," there is more than one moment that will likely pop your jaw open...Wow."
    Neely Tucker
  • The Montreal Gazette
    "A cunning and brilliantly edited documentary"
  • LA Times
    "It will evoke blood-spitting rage or resounding awe. Either way, it's a hugely entertaining, efficiently crafted documentary about a ruthless, if undeniably clever, American political force."
    Gary Goldstein
  • Boston Herald
    Stephen Schaefer
  • Chicago Sun-Times
    "A fascinating portrait of an almost likable rogue...It makes a companion piece to Oliver Stone's W...a remarkable portrait...heartbreaking."
    Roger Ebert
  • Reel Talk
    "Astonishing and compelling"
    Jeffrey Lyons
  • NY Post
    “Excellent...astounding…will stick to your ribs like molasses on barbecue.”
    Linda Stasi
    "Director Stefan Forbes has assembled a brilliantly complex portrait that shines an unnerving light on the man who painted the landscape of contemporary American politics."
    Johnathan F. Richards
  • LA Weekly Critic's Pick
    Ella Taylor

Festival Participation

  • Full Frame - 2008
  • Los Angeles Film Festival - 2008
  • Austin Film - 2008
  • Mill Valley Film - 2008
  • Impact Film at Democratic and Republican National Conventions

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