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Daughters of Mother India


In December 2012, news of a rape and murder on a public bus in New Delhi made waves around the world. This documentary goes inside Indian society and its government and looks at the swift and radical changes being made within the police force, the judiciary and community groups. For the first time these bodies are promoting a national dialogue on the current sexist attitudes of Indian society and how these deep-seated misogynist forces are being identified, denounced and gradually transformed.


  • Video Librarian
    Providing an inspiring look at initiatives meant to counteract longstanding attitudes within Indian culture that are dangerous to women, this is highly recommended.
  • The Indian Express
    Touching tale with the cinematography as impactful as the plot
  • The Hindu
    The film describing various aspects of sexual offences on women in the backdrop of disturbing Nirbahaya case in Delhi and the consequent chances made in Indian law, stirred up many viewers.
  • The Guardian
    Focuses on the national conversation generated by the case, and on reform in the police and court systems
  • The Huffington Post
    My thoughts are consumed by the fate of that Indian girl on a Delhi bus. Daughters of Mother India has helped open my eyes, which now glisten with hope.
  • Educational Media Reviews Online
    Public outrage, protests
    and the need to be heard have forced the Indian government to finally
    acknowledge that a problem exists. This film is a historic step forward for
    the women of India. Highly Recommended

Festival Participation

  • National Film Awards, India - 2015
    Best Film on Social Issues
  • New York Indian Film Festival - 2015
    Best Documentary Film

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