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Dinosaur 13


The U.S. government, world-class museums, Native American tribes, and competing paleontologists became the Goliath to Larson’s David as he and his team fought to keep their dinosaur and wrestled with intimidation tactics that threatened their freedom as well. Dinosaur 13 chronicles an unprecedented saga in American history and details the fierce battle to possess a 65-million-year-old treasure. With consummate skill, filmmaker Todd Miller excavates layer after layer, exposing human emotion in a dramatic tale that is as complex as it is fascinating.


  • Empire
    " Fascinating, moving, infuriating true story." ★★★★
    Kim Newman
  • IndieWire
    Eric Kohn

Festival Participation

  • Sundance Film Festival - 2014
  • Melbourne International Film Festival - 2014
  • Bergen International Film Festival - 2014
  • Moscow Contemporary Science Film Festival - 2014

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