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Driving While Black


The automobile and the highway brought a promise of adventure, agency and self-expression to African Americans in particular. With powerful feelings, freighting hope and fraught of danger and anxiety, they resonate a still-relevant narrative of freedom, mobility, and race in America.

Part One of the educational version of Driving While Black discusses the root of racism in America, the Civil War and Reconstruction, the Jim Crow Era, the Great Migration, the birth of the automobile, the myth of mobility in America and the dangers of road travel during segregation.

Part Two celebrates Black entrepreneurship, introduces The Green Book, highway construction and its impact, the cruel reality of ‘driving while Black’ in contemporary society and the ongoing struggle for Civil Rights in America.

Running Time: 57 + 69 min.
Subject(s): African American Studies, American History, Current Affairs, History, Law and Justice, Social Justice, Society
Language(s): English
Producer(s): Emily Pfeil, Emir Lewis, Kathryn Clinard, Steve Bennett
Cinematographer: Buddy Squires
Editor(s): Emir Lewis
Production Company: Artemis Rising Foundation, Ford Foundation - Just Films, Steeplechase Films

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