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Forgetting Dad


One week after a seemingly harmless car accident, Richard Minnich wakes up with total amnesia. He no longer recognises his wife and children and has a great deal of difficulty with the simplest daily tasks.
Sixteen years later, filmmaker Rick Minnich – the oldest son from Richard’s first marriage – returns to California with a camera in search of answers to why his father’s memory still hasn’t returned. Was Richard really struck by a horrible affliction, or was he perhaps trying to escape from a life he could no longer lead?


    "A film which questions Richard Minnich’s amnesia with great sensitivity and suspense."
    Christine Ritzenhoff
    "Breathtaking documentary."
    Joachim Kurz
    "An unparalleled, touching documentary."
    Matthias Wannhof
  • TIP
    "Incredibly fascinating."
    Alexandra Seitz
    "A Fascinating Film."
    Gil Whiteley
    "Another pick for one of the top independent docs of the decade. The filmmakers' dad develops amnesia, and rejects the relationship they once had. Both fascinating and heartbreaking, this is why we love CINEMA."
    "...a clever allegory about the United States of Amnesia, wherein wind-blown men can remake themselves in an instant."
    Paul Sturtz
    Thumbs up: "A thrilling and moving film..."
    "An incredibly bizarre journey across America with increasingly surreal imagery."
    Martina Knoben

Festival Participation

  • Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, Netherlands - 2008
    Special Jury Award
  • Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden - 2009
  • Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis, Germany - 2009
  • True/False Film Fest, USA - 2009
  • Belfast Film Festival, Northern Ireland - 2009
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, USA - 2009
  • It's All True International Documentary Film Festival, Brazil - 2009
  • Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Canada - 2009
  • Doc Aviv, Israel - 2009
  • Planete Doc Review, Poland - 2009
  • Achtung Berlin – New Berlin Film Award, Germany - 2009
    Honorable Mention
  • Doxa Documentary Film Festival, Canada - 2009
  • Biografilm, Italy - 2009
  • Guth Gafa Documentary Film Festival, Ireland - 2009
  • Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Film Festival, Ireland - 2009
  • Ippokrates Health Film Festival, Greece - 2009
    Audience Award
  • Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, USA - 2009
  • Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, China - 2009
    Grand Jury Prize
  • Ourense International Film Festival, Spain - 2009
  • Dallas Video Fest, USA - 2010
    Honorable Mention

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