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Here. Is. Better.


“HERE. IS. BETTER.” captures the intimate journeys of four service men and women navigating their trauma through raw therapy sessions. Witness their resilience and the transformative power of tailored therapies in overcoming PTSD. This film sheds light on trauma’s diverse causes and its impact beyond the military. It offers a beacon of hope for anyone facing trauma, emphasizing the importance of seeking help. In a world still reeling from the pandemic’s effects, destigmatizing mental health treatment is paramount. Join John, Teresa, Jason, and Tabitha as they bravely embrace healing, inspiring audiences to seek their own paths to recovery.


  • Epoch Times
    An eye-opening film about post traumatic stress disorder. It's curable. If you've got PTSD, know anyone suffering from it, or simply want to upgrade your understanding of the affliction that used to be labeled "shell-shocked"—this film is a must-see.
    Mark Jackson
  • FilmWeek (KPCC - NPR Los Angeles)
    A powerful film, mostly for the content and not necessarily for the filmmaking itself.
    Claudia Puig
  • Overly Honest Movie Reviews
    ★★★★☆ HERE. IS. BETTER., a documentary where every scene radiates purpose and gravity. This tale follows the lives of four veterans who, despite their varying backgrounds and histories, are united by an unseen foe: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The enemy silently preys on millions of American adults yearly, with veterans, unfortunately, forming a large segment of this demographic. However, HERE. IS. BETTER. swerves away from the path you would expect, choosing instead to celebrate the indomitable spirit of human resilience and the power of mental health therapies in fostering recovery.
    Chris Jones
  • Spectrum Culture
    A heartfelt and responsible look at the struggle to overcome PTSD.
    Anthony Greene
  • The NYC Movie Guru
    A vital, heartfelt and inspirational human rights documentary about veterans struggling to cope with PTSD.
    Here.Is.Better provides the audience with a beacon of hope for anyone else who also has PTSD by revealing the practical steps that subjects took in their journey toward healing from PTSD.
    Avi Offer
  • Hollywood Report Card
    Entirely engaging, genuine, and inspiring.
    Ross Anthony
  • New York Times
    Youngelson’s film is not formally spectacular and doesn’t necessarily pack the showiest emotional wallop. But those traits likely make it truer to the lives of these veterans, as full of silent courage as they are of tragedy.
    Brandon Yu

Festival Participation

  • Woodstock Film Festival - 2021
  • GI Film Festival San Diego - 2022
    Winner Founders Choice Awar
  • Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival - 2022
    Winner Best Documentary Feature
  • KC Film Fest International - 2022
    Winner Best Heartland Documentary Feature
  • ReelAbilities Film Festival New York - 2022
    Official Selection
  • Julien Dubuque International Film Festival - 2022
    Official Selection
  • Durango Independent Film Festival - 2022
    Official Selection

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