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Human Flow

Ai Weiwei 2017

Over 65 million people around the world have been forced from their homes to escape famine, climate change and war in the greatest human displacement since World War II. Human Flow, an epic film journey led by the internationally renowned artist Ai Weiwei, gives a powerful visual expression to this massive human migration. The documentary elucidates both the staggering scale of the refugee crisis and its profoundly personal human impact, following a chain of urgent human stories that stretches across the globe in countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, France, Greece, Germany, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, and Turkey.


  • Empire
    This is an unflinching record of a cry of anguish that has to be heard and acted upon. Everyone needs to see this.
    David Parkinson
  • Wall Street Journal
    This movie, a testament to the power of seeing, provides a long and uncommonly vivid look at a human crisis that’s changing the face of our plane
  • Chicago Reader
    The imagery encourages viewers to adopt a global perspective in considering the subject matter.
    Ben Sachs
  • Detroit News
    It does not browbeat or preach, it simply shows, and what it shows is overwhelming.
  • Boston Globe
    The film is all the more powerful for being so calm and unhurried. Ai doesn't castigate or preach. He doesn't have to. The facts, the images, speak for themselves. Instead, he bears witness.
  • Toronto Star
    Ai Weiwei has made something beautiful: Human Flow is neither indulgent nor pedantic, but clear-eyed in its view of the enormity of the crisis too vast for most of us to comprehend.
  • CineVue
    Ai Weiwei might be best known for his sculptures and installations, but with Human Flow he has created a masterpiece that truly captures the humanity at the heart of the global refugee crisis.
  • The Telegraph
    The cumulative power of their looks and gestures – each one a little human-to-human appeal for recognition – weighs like a cannonball on your heart.
  • The Guardian
    An ambitious, humane and often shocking cine-essay on the subject of migrants and the 21st century migrant condition.
  • The Times
    Difficult, but hugely important film-making.

Festival Participation

  • Venice International Film Festival - 2017
  • Haifa International Film Festival - 2017

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