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Kim’s Story


The picture that moved millions all over the world to tears, and that played a major role in the success of the anti-Vietnam War movement, ultimately made Kim Phuc a symbolic figure who was used for many years by the Vietnamese Government.
In telling Kim’s story, Shelley Saywell makes poignant use of news footage of that time, when the dreadfully wounded little girl ran to journalists at the scene for help. She also speaks to the doctors who 25 years ago ensured Kim’s survival, and looks at the personal story which followed this poignant snapshot in time.


  • A memorable portrait of an admirable woman whose body scars are daily reminders of the war that she cannot forget but claims to forgive
  • Kim's Story: The Road From Vietnam” is a moving exploration of the human cost of war... sure to strike a chord among students viewing the film. It is sufficiently free of cant and broad enough to be of use in a variety of classroom settings, though it will prove most useful for courses at the secondary level and above that address the Second Indochina War or examine the relationship between women and war.

Festival Participation

  • Gemini Awards
    Best Direction
  • Hot Docs
    Best Historic Documentary
  • National Women's Studies Conference Film Festival - 2000
  • Chicago TV Fest
    Gold Plaque

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