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Liebe Perla


The fascinating story of the special friendship forged between two women: Perla Ubitsch, the last remnant of a family of dwarfs that survived Dr. Mengele’s cruel experiments in Auschwitz, and researcher Hannelore Witkovsky a German Protestant born after the war. Filmed in both Germany and Israel, we accompany Hannelore on her quest to find a lost film made by Dr. Mengele featuring Perla and her siblings.


  • Disability World
    At the end of this unique documentary, there is often silence in the room as the audience works to take in the myriad of complexities, ambiguities, moral dilemmas and unanswered questions. Then the opinions, questions and often, arguments, begin. "Liebe Perla" (Dear Perla) is surely one of the most provocative, profound and disturbing disability-themed films ever produced.
  • The Chicago Reader
    This meditation on Nazism and generosity often surprises.
  • From the Jury statment
    “An intelligent, original film that is both restrained and intriguing. The film is very daring in its choice of subject matter and the original cinematic methods it uses, which break away from all the standard techniques and familiar clichés that appear in films of this genre.”
    The ‘Masua’ Award

Festival Participation

  • Festival Shanghai - 2000
    The Magnolia prize for best Documentary in Humanities
  • Margaret Mid Festival - 2000
  • Superfest Berkley California - 2000
    Special Mention
  • Haifa Film Festival - 1999
    Best Script Award
  • Tursk Film Festiva - 2000
    First Prize for Best Documentary

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