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The Muses of Bashevis Singer


Isaac Bashevis Singer, the famous Yiddish writer and Nobel Prize winner wrote with a ‘harem’ of dozens of translators behind him. Beyond simple translators, these women were a vital source of his creativity. The inspiration he drew from them came in many forms, often mixing romance with professional aspirations. Today nine remain to tell his story. Intimate, poignant interviews and exclusive archival footage combine to form the unknown story of an author who charmed and enchanted his audiences, just as he charmed and enchanted his translators. A film about the art of translation and one of the great figures of twentieth century literature.


  • Hollywood Reporter
    "You won't read the famed Yiddish language author the same way again."
  • The Jewish Daily Forward
    "There’s a strong case to be made that Singer’s English translations were just as authentic as their Yiddish sources. But who were these translators?....Now a new documentary, "The Muses of Isaac Bashevis Singer," directed by Israeli filmmakers Asaf Galay and Shaul Betser, allows us to hear from these women themselves."
  • Mosaic
    "Muses is most valuable in exploring this connection between Singer’s seduction of translators and his seduction of a worldwide readership."
    Prof. Ruth Wisse, Harvard University
  • Video Librarian
    A wealth of archival material... Recomended.

Festival Participation

  • Haifa IFF - 2014
  • New York Jewish FF - 2015
  • Las Vegas Jewish FF - 2015
  • Washington Jewish FF - 2015
  • Miami IFF - 2015
  • Philadelphia Jewish FF - 2015
  • Pittsburgh Jewish FF - 2015
  • Toronto Jewish FF - 2015
  • Seattle IFF - 2015
  • San Francisco Jewish FF - 2015

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