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Paris Tume 2023

In the verdant, lush jungles of the Amazon, a tribe of indigenous people has lived in harmony with their surroundings for millennia. The Shipibo tribe have learned the secrets of the earth, honing their knowledge to transform the native flora into powerful medicines that can cure any sickness.
But their peaceful existence is threatened. The outside world has discovered the valuable treasures of their land – the rich minerals, the unique wildlife, and the breathtaking landscape are all at risk. As the knowledge grows, so does the threat of an ancient culture dissolving. The tribe must fight to protect their way of life and preserve the centuries-old knowledge of their healing practices.

Festival Participation

  • The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival - 2023
    Winner Best Documentary
  • Luleå International Film Festival Sweden - 2023
    Winner Best Climate Documentary
  • International Multicultural Film Festival - 2023
  • London Director Awards - 2023
  • Cork Film Week - 2023
  • Budapest Movie Awards - 2022
    Honorable Mention

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