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One Lucky Elephant


Sixteen years have passed since circus producer David Balding adopted Flora, the orphaned baby African elephant he lovingly raised as part of his family and made the star of his show. As Flora approaches adulthood, he realizes that she is not happy performing.
Ultimately, David must face the difficult truth that the circus is no place for Flora. She needs to be with other elephants. The road to Flora’s retirement, however, is a difficult and emotional journey that tests their bond in unexpected ways.


  • John Anderson, VARIETY
    "A PARABLE OF PACHYDERMISH PROPORTIONS, "One Lucky Elephant" is a bittersweet story of man, beast and a very real relationship that makes helmer Lisa Leeman's documentary the thinking person's "Dumbo"—and, coincidentally, one of the better kids' movies on the fest circuit."
    "Bottom Line: A TIMELY, EMOTIONALLY ENGAGING LOOK at interspecies bonds."
  • Charles Siebert, New York Times journalist & author of The Wauchula Woods Accord
    "A POIGNANT, HEART-FELT TALE about the shared life journey of a man and an elephant. "One Lucky Elephant" not only manages to capture the psychological and emotional complexity of a fellow animal, it also compels us to confront the deeply troubling consequences of our removing such an animal from its natural and rightful home."
  • Dr. Toni Frohoff - Behavioral and Wildlife Biologist
    "A film that makes one think about all creatures, great and small. Not "in your face" but "in your mind." AN INCREDIBLE STORY with the potential for real happy endings."

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