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Reconstructing Utøya


On 22 July 2011, a bomb exploded outside the government buildings in central Oslo. The perpetrator was a Norwegian far-right terrorist. He then went on to the island of Utøya, just outside Oslo, where the Labour Party’s youth league was holding its summer camp. Disguised as a police officer, he murdered 69 people, mostly teenagers, in 72 minutes. 56 of them were executed with a bullet to the head. How can we understand?

Six years after the terrorist attack, four survivors from Utøya meet in northern Norway to remember, reconstruct their memories, and share their experiences of what happened.

They are joined by twelve young Norwegians and a psychologist throughout the entire project.

Festival Participation

  • Bergen - 2018
  • Berlin - 2019
  • Docaviv - 2019

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