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The Artist’s Daughter


She joins a guided tour of an exhibition by a famous painter. The man in the self-portraits is her father, but only a few people know that. She contacts the artist for the first time in a decade and shares her idea of making a film about their relationship, rekindled by his artwork. Excited, the artist sends her to film his exhibition. As the work on the film develops, she discovers that meeting the man behind the portraits is her real challenge. “The Artist’s Daughter” paints a bewildering, surprising portrait of a relationship that can only exist in cinema.

Festival Participation

  • Docaviv International Documentary Film Festival - 2022
    Best Debut Film Award
  • Israeli Academy Awards - 2022
    Best Documentary Film Award
  • Israeli Documentary Forum Awards - 2022
    Best Debut Film Award
  • Israeli Film Critics Association - 2022
    Best Documentary Film
  • HOT DOCS - 2022
  • The International Festival of Films on Art (Le FIFA) - 2024
    Winner, Jury Prize

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