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Weapon of War (FT)


In WEAPON OF WAR military perpetrators unveil the hidden motives and strategies of rape as a war crime. An ex-rebel explains how he raped. Like for many, starting a normal life again is a struggle filled with trauma. In an attempt to reconcile with his past, he meets one of his victims.
Captain Basima is working as a priest in Congo’s army and confronts perpetrators of rape. He urges them to change. Just like he did.


  • Educational Media Reviews Online
    “Recommended. The film strongly conveys…how the violence and inhumanity spawned by war impact individual lives and nations.”
  • Dutch Film Awards Jury statement
    "The documentary unambiguously shows that elementary human values disappear in extreme conditions. As viewers we witness the confrontation of people with their own actions. The film shows how they try to reconcile with both themselves and with their victims. This film is about the systematic rapes of women and children in Congo. By focusing the camera on the perpetrators and their attempts at self-insight, not only a shocking picture of war methods is revealed. It also shows the will to break through this horrendous cycle of violence."

Festival Participation

  • International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2009
  • Dutch Film Awards - 2010
    Golden Calf Award Best Short Documentary
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, USA - 2010
  • Planet Doc Review, Poland - 2010
    Planet Doc Review, Poland
  • TRT International Documentary Film Competition, Turkey - 2010
    Best Documentary Int'l Category Award
  • Addis Film Festival - Ethiopia Film Festival - Ethiopia - 2010
  • Belgrade Documentary Film Festival, Serbia - 2010
  • Dick Scherpenzeel Awards, Netherlands - 2010
    Award for Best Dutch Journalistic Production
  • Movies that Matter Festival, Netherlands - 2010
  • Botswana Film Festival, Botswana - 2010
  • International Film Festival on Human Rights, Argentina - 2010
  • International Film Festival and Forum on Human rights, Switzerland - 2010
  • Human rights Film Festival, Norway - 2010
  • International Documentary Film Festival, Mexico - 2010
  • Human rights Film Festival, Jordan - 2010

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