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Who’s afraid of Alice Miller?


Martin is rejected by his mother and beaten by his father: a childhood without love. It sounds like a case right out of the book “The Drama of the Gifted Child” by world-renowned Swiss psychoanalyst Alice Miller. Except Martin is the son of the children’s rights advocate. After her death, Martin finally discovers what stood between him and his mother: As a young Jew, Alice Miller assumed a false identity to survive amidst the Nazis in Warsaw. But Alice repressed these traumatic experiences, disassociating herself from them for the rest of her life. The deeper Martin digs into his mother’s biography, the clearer it becomes: his own emotional pain is the legacy of something that he himself never experienced.


  • Die Wochenzeitung
    „Who’s afraid of Alice Miller?“ shows impressively how genocide can traumatize the world up to
    the present“.
    Hannes Nüsseler
  • Schweitzer Radio SRF1
    "Once again Switzerland shows its strength in documentary. I was greatly impressed by Who’s afraid of Alice Miller?“.
    Brigitte Häring
  • Cineuropa
    "The film keeps us constantly on the edge of our seats, but it doesn’t gloat over our inevitable
    indignation. It’s an exploration of the human psyche, which asks more questions than it answers."
    Giorgia del Don

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