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In Bed with the Arab Spring


Women played a major role in the revolutions that swept across the Middle East, some even becoming icons of the new opportunities that surfaced when the older, oppresive regimes were overthrown. However, the days of the Arab Spring also marked a shocking and unchecked surge in sexual harassment cases suffered by women in Egypt. The region’s fight for freedom created further opportunities for repression and sexual violence; crimes that continue to go unpunnished. Against this background, Islamic woman have come to represent the front line in a clash between secularism and traditionalism.


  • Video Librarian
    "The teasing title of filmmaker Paul Moreira’s documentary belies the actual horror of its subject: the shocking surge in sexual harassment and violence unleashed on women during and after the chaotic days of Egypt’s “Arab Spring.” ...Despite the crucial role of women in bringing about the Arab Spring—taking the same risks as men during demonstrations and subjected to the same brutality by the military—gangs of Egyptian men preyed upon women and continue to do so, largely with impunity... A disturbing and thought-provoking look at an ugly byproduct of the fight for freedom in Egypt, this is recommended."
    T. Keogh

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