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Holy Fire

Yoram Sabo 2008

The Old City of Jerusalem is in the heart of the Middle East conflict. Measuring just a single square kilometer, people from three of the world’s great religions rub shoulders in four distinct quarters, and houses built on top of each other nestle against some of the holiest sites in the world. There, of all places, tense co-existence is maintained. In the churches, leaders of the feuding sects stake their religious and territorial claims. On top of the Temple Mount, a group of Palestinian children practice throwing stones, while beneath them an orthodox Jew plans to rebuild the Jewish Temple.


  • The Financial Express
    Featuring turf wars between priests and ritual sheep slaughter, a new Israeli film shows how religion and politics collide to make Jerusalem’s Old City one of the most intense and colorful places on earth.

Festival Participation

  • Documenta Madrid - 2009
  • Docaviv - 2008

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