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Icebound (FT)


In 1925, diphtheria broke out in Nome, Alaska. With aviation still in its infancy, and one of the harshest winters on record in interior Alaska, only ancient means – dogsled – could save the town.
In temperatures as low as minus 60, more than twenty men, and at least 150 dogs, set out via dogsled to relay the antitoxin across 674 miles of Alaskan wilderness to save the town from the lethal epidemic. A riveting journey back in time, an ageless adventure that has captured the imagination of children and adults (BALTO!) throughout the world for almost a century.

Festival Participation

  • Garden State Film Festival - 2013
    Award for Best Feature Length Documentary
  • International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands - 2012
  • Austin Film Festival - 2013
  • Anchorage International Film Festival - 2013

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