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My Way To Olympia


The film director Niko von Glasow undertakes a journey with the athletes who compete at the Paralympic Games in London 2012. He himself is a short-armed avowed hater of sport, who cannot understand how anyone could take on such an ordeal voluntarily, particularly since everyday life for people with a disability is challenging enough without the added pressures of competitive sports.


  • My Way To Olympia - Berlin Review
    Premiering at the Berlinale last week, this highly personal and surprisingly funny documentary follows a group of disabled athletes preparing to compete in the Paralympic Games in London last summer. The German director Niko von Glasow, a former assistant to Rainer Werner Fassbinder, was himself born with short arms because his mother took the notorious sedative Thalidomide during pregnancy.
    Stephen Dalton

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  • Berlinale
  • San Francisco Doc Fest
  • Message To Man FF
  • Montreal World FF

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