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Roll Red Roll Feature & Toolkit Bundle

Nancy Schwartzman 2018 & 2020

The Roll Red Roll bundle gives access to the full-length feature film and its accompanying 14-clip toolkit.
The feature follows a horrible incident that took place in Steubenville, Ohio, which garnered national attention and resulted in the sentencing of two key offenders. The story acts as a cautionary tale of what can happen when adults look the other way and deny that rape culture exists.
The 4-themed toolkit is a resource that prepares coaches, administrators, and counselors to discuss sexual assault prevention simply and clearly with student athletes and teach them how they can play an active role in rape prevention.
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Running Time: 81 min. & 14 Clips
Subject(s): Activism, Crime, Current Affairs, Law and Justice, Media, Personal Story, Sexuality, Society, Sports, Technology, Women, Youth
Language(s): English
Subtitles: English
Producer(s): Nancy Schwartzman, Steven Lake, Jessica Devaney ; Toolkit Producers: Eliza Licht, Alice Quinlan, Lily Donnell
Cinematographer: Matt Bockelman
Editor(s): Christopher White

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