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The Cola Conquest


The Cola Conquest tells the story of Coca-Cola – the “sublimated essence” of all that American stands for – and the century-long competition with its rival, Pepsi-Cola. Challenging, fast-paced, irreverent, serious and funny by turns, The Cola Conquest explores the delicious paradox at the heart of Coke: How did an innocuous soft drink, more than 99% sweetened water, come to wield such enormous power and assume such significance in so many people’s lives? What does it tell us about who we are and what we are becoming?


  • Absolutely captivating… the incisive and brilliant analysis of American society as seen through this grand investigation of a simple soft drink makes The Cola Conquest an exceptional documentary.
    Nathalie Collard, Voir
  • Controversial and effervescent, The Cola Conquest is a fascinating portrait of manifest destiny in a bottle — and worth watching, even for Pepsi drinkers.
    Joe Chidley, Maclean's
  • How Coke became such a powerhouse is explored with remarkable wit and unsettling insight in The Cola Conquest.
    Henry Mietkiewicz, Toronto Star
  • If you want to see a brilliant documentary, don't miss
    The Cola Conquest.
    Antonia Zerbisias, The Toronto Star
  • An incisive analysis of how American popular culture, exemplified by Coke, is conquering the world.
    Mike Boone, The Gazette
  • Elegantly edited and often very funny... Angelico's project is as expansive as her subject.
    Doug Saunders, The Globe and Mail
  • The Cola Conquest is a witty, effervescent tour of soft drink lore.
    Maurie Alioff, Ciné festival
  • Couple turn lens on pop culture

Festival Participation

  • Hot Docs
    Best Documentary Series by an Independent
  • National Education Media Network
    Gold Apple
  • Chicago International Television Competition
    Silver Hugo
  • Gemini Awards
    Best Writing in a Documentary or Series
  • Canadian Broadcast
    Highest ratings for a documentary broadcast in Canada,

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