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Women of Hammas

Suha Arraf 2010

While the most prominent members of the controversial organisation Hammas are men, most of its field work is carried out by cadres of women supporters. These women of Hammas are the most powerful women in the Palestinian territories. Focusing on three such women, this film probes at their ideological commitment to the movement and gives us an insight into the work of those who remain in the shadows.


  • South is South
    An incredible contribution on many levels (especially because of the access and breadth of a subject matter deemed, well, ‘difficult’)

Festival Participation

  • Primed
    Grand Prix
  • Salina Doc Fest
    Best Film
  • Birds Eye View
    Best Documentary
  • Haifa Film Festival
  • Idfa - 2010
  • Geneva FIFDH
  • London IDF
  • Cinemed

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