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KINDERLAND tells the timely tale of two rival Jewish summer camps in upstate New York that have cultivated social activists for almost a century and are still in existence today. Kinderland was communist; Kinder Ring, socialist. Despite numerous commonalities, they enjoyed a legendary feud from opposite ends of Sylvan Lake. In response to the devastating impact of the Trump era and the accompanying rise in intolerance and inequality, today’s campers, a largely secular multi-ethnic group, prioritize shared values over philosophical differences and attempt to join forces; inspiring unity within our divided world.


  • Camp Lessons That Last A Lifetime
    We don’t spend enough time in our culture learning about history. You aren’t going to know how to affect change unless you look backward and see how it was done in the past.
    Stephen Saito

Festival Participation

  • Woodstock Film Festival - 2021
    Best Short Documentary (Nominee)
  • DOC NYC - 2021
  • Santa Fe Ind. Film Festival - 2022
    Best Short Documentary (Winner)
  • Thin Line Film Festival - 2022
    Best Short Documentary (Winner)
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival - 2022
  • Annapolis Film Festival - 2022
    Best Short Documentary (Nominee)
  • Bend Film Festival - 2022
    Best Short Documentary (Nominee)

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