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The Revolution Generation


“The Revolution Generation” is a captivating documentary by Josh & Rebecca Tickell on the politically independent and diverse Millennial generation, comprising 80 million people in the US (born 1978-2000). It dispels misconceptions and highlights their pivotal role in combating climate change. The film explores generational cycles and the impact of previous generations like the WWII Generation, Baby Boomers, and Gen X. Millennials stand out as creators of social tech, anti-corporate crusaders, and highly empathetic individuals. Can they secure voting rights, equality, and the planet’s safety? This kinetic documentary offers insights into their activism and commitment to saving the earth.


  • Santa Barbara Independent
    “Politically powerful. A deeply reported, stereotype-slaying film about generational cycles.”
    Matt Kettmann
  • Cinema Daily US
    “A fascinating mosaic of the change-makers that belong to this questioned generation.”
    Chiara Spagnoli Gabardi

Festival Participation

  • DOC LA - 2021
    Best Screenwriting
  • DOC LA - 2021
    Best Producer
  • DOC LA - 2021
    Humanitarian Award

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