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Under The Gun


The Sandy Hook massacre was considered a watershed moment in the national debate on gun control, but the body count at the hands of gun violence has only increased. In the past few years, a drastic rise in mass shootings has ripped across the United States, compounding an epidemic of gun violence across the country.
Despite a growing body count at the hands of guns, and the outpouring of shock and outrage that comes with it, lawmakers have failed to respond with meaningful action. Searing and powerful, UNDER THE GUN gives a human face to a crisis that is costing us in blood and scarring the conscience of a nation.


    "Masterfully crafted...the details are mind-boggling"
    "Cutting through political talking points to focus on facts and firsthand accounts, “Under the Gun” is an essential primer on the rise of gun violence in the U.S."
    "It’s effectively unnerving, infuriating, and heartbreaking, and the best film on firearms we’ve seen since the 2002’s Oscar-winning doc Bowling for Columbine."
  • BBC
    "The film's achievement is its deep understanding of the people who worship guns"
    “Absorbing and gripping, this documentary details the rise of the NRA into a lobbying powerhouse – and provides an incentive to get involved in the debate”
    "Soechtig and Couric are willing to acknowledge the nuances within both sides of the debate."

Festival Participation

  • Sundance Film Festival - 2016
  • San Francisco International Film Festival - 2016
  • HotDocs Film Festival - 2016

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