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Weapon of War


Wherever war breaks out, men with guns rape. Nowhere in the world reached sexual violence a scale and level of brutality as in the Democratic Republic of Congo. During the decades of conflict possibly hundreds of thousands of women and girls were systematically raped and the figure still rises.
In Weapon of War military perpetrators unveil what lies behind this brutal behavior and the strategies of rape as a war crime. The film tells the story of a soldier and a former rebel that are both looking at rape in different ways.


  • Educational Media Reviews Online
    “Recommended. The film strongly conveys…how the violence and inhumanity spawned by war impact individual lives and nations.”
  • Dutch Film Awards Jury statement
    "The documentary unambiguously shows that elementary human values disappear in extreme conditions. As viewers we witness the confrontation of people with their own actions. The film shows how they try to reconcile with both themselves and with their victims. This film is about the systematic rapes of women and children in Congo. By focusing the camera on the perpetrators and their attempts at self-insight, not only a shocking picture of war methods is revealed. It also shows the will to break through this horrendous cycle of violence."

Festival Participation

  • International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) - 2009
  • Nederland's Film Festival, Nederland - 2010
    Golden Calf Award Best Short Documentary
  • TRT International Documentary Film, Turkey - 2010
    Jury Award
  • Planet Doc Review, Polen - 2010
    Amnesty International Award
  • Genomineerd voor de PUMA - 2012
  • Genomineerd voor Beeld & Geluid Award - 2012
  • - Human Rights Film Festival, Oslo - 2010
  • Movies that Matter Film Festival, Den Haag - 2010
  • Belgrade Documentary Film Festival, Belgrado - 2010
  • Addis Film Festival, Ethiopia - 2010
  • Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, New Carolina - 2010
  • Screening bij Afrikadag (Evert Vermeer Stichting), Den Haag - 2010
  • International Film Festival on Human Rights, Buenos Aires - 2010
  • Planet Doc Review, Poland - 2010
  • TRT International Documentary Film Competition, Istanbul - 2010

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