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class biology
Ms Stovall and Mr. Sieck discuss creating safe spaces for student to discuss race
Ke'Shawn says that "people are confusing peace with quiet"
Intergenerational prostitution in india beginning
Food banks and kitchens
herman and anwar imagine their film
1/4 test from yaron
10 billion yaron bookmark
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222222 fdsfdsfsd
50 Years – Opening This is the OPENING
a clip Clip
A Diary of healing -Test clip
a edit edit
A hebrew lesson
A Lion 2
A Lion 16-5 some text
a lion bookmark test fddsf dsfdsfds dsf
a mi lado
A Place At the table clip #1
abortion movie f
ADAM – family 2
Adam’s family
Adam’s Intro Focuses on affective commitment.
Adam’s School Intro
Adults at OPRF Women of color feeling the racism
Africa patrol and border practice patrol guy talks about before job and job and the people continue practicing crossing border
aftermath bookmar 1
AIDS Patients
America to me – episode 2 This is a segment of episode 2. Now I have added text.
amos 13.2 test
asfdg sdfgsdfg
aviva private
Aviva Public
Aviva Public
aviva public number 2
Beginning of diary of healing opening scene from film
Better this world
bible face
Black Lives Matter Assembly
BLM Assembly
bm name hannie hello desc! moved from 04 to 02
Body Issues Opening of film
Bookmark it's a clip
Bookmark 1 character intro
bookmark 1
bookmark 1
bookmark 1
Bookmark 1
Bookmark test
bookmark1 BOOKMARK1
Boosters Club testing
Both sides in Africa the practice for crossing and the patrol guys view
BUsh speech-motherhood arc
cartel explorer dfdsdd
cartel yaron some text here fddsfdsfd
CH 03 – Exposing the Gap Pinterest's Tracy Chou describes her work to encourage tech companies to report the number of women among their engineers, exposing a deep gender gap among tech startups.
CH 07 – The Importance of Diversity A diverse team is critically important to the innovation of products that impact and serve all people—products like airbags, voice recognition software, and even consumer software.
CH 12 – The Decline of Women in Computer Science and the Emergence of Nerd Culture The caricature of the male "computer nerd" rose in the 1980s, contributing to a popular stereotype that has positioned men as leaders in tech fields and pigeonholed women and people of color as supporting characters, not creators. As this stereotype emerged, the industry’s gender gap grew
Changing Family/missing PE uniform
changing price of food
changing price of food
chanu at ra et ze
Charles + Podolner Parent Teacher Conference
chasi 2
chasi 3
chasi 5 cccc
chasi 5 cccc
chasi20 nisayon
Church in the community how does the local church help address hunger in the community?
cleaners – 5 second tests
Cleaners – public clip test
cleanerss test bookmark some text...
Clip #1 "AChievement Gap" and How we measure academic and success
clip1 dcasfsdfasfasfasd
Clippity i made it
Clippy its a clip
Closing remarks
coach meeting/steinmetz
community support after loss Are you sure you want episode 8?
Costs of hunger
Couple talking about crossing and their family
couple plans for wall the couple is about to cross the wall
Couple starting to crossing the couple is beginning their trip over the border
crocodiles and immagrant patrol the guy tells immigrant to get water in the river where crocodiles are
crumb bookmark test 1 dfsdf dsfdsfsd f
cuba bookmark 01 dfdfsdf
dad’s id – 103 years old
dad’s id card – 103 years old
dad’s id card – born in 1909
darwin bookmark 10.1
defenders and crossers talking shows the Spain and Morocco people talking and South Africa and Zimbabwe talking
dust bookmark 1 fgfdgf
dust bookmark 2
Earth as a machine
Edie and thea
Education on the river Many children choose work over education in the river community.
eee eeee
empire dust bookmark fsdfds sdfsdf dsfsd sdfds fds
EpISODE 5 adding text here
Ernie & Joe: Crisis Cops Ernie discusses his mental health journey as a police officer
everytihng bookmark test ffff
Finding Voice
first bookmark FIRST BOOKMARK
first clip
Food deserts
gay champions
Gender identity struggles
Greece capitalism
group struggle 1
group struggle 2
group struggle 3
group struggle 4
Guy in couple taking says how no wall will stop them
helpers and couple talking couple taking about kids and praying. Helpers talking about why he cares to help those people who cross
Helpers talking
Iep academic struggles
impact of back stories
Impact of Missing Dad
Interview with Adi the filmmaker engage in an interview with the main character, revisiting the night his brother was killed
Intro Intro and importance of communication
Intro to Aaron Swartz Opening to SundANce FIlm
Introduction introduces characters discussion of food cost obesity/ malnutrition
Jada’s hair Jada shows her vblog about hair with mr. podolner's class.
lion bookmark test 2 fsdfsfsdf dfsdfdsfds
lion bookmark test 3 ytuytuyt
lion bookmark test 3/7
March to Sacramento to INtersectionality
marina 11-2 ddasasdss
Meza talking and Patrol caught ppl Meza talks about his life in South Africa and patrol guys catch 2 people trying to cross
middle class MIDDLE CLASS
Mother’s testimony
Naisu Naisu
Nate’s Last Poem Focuses on Affective commitment.
nate’s mom
new bm – hannie
new test new test clip
nisayon 14 ddd
nisayon 2 bbb
nisayon 3 ccc
nisayon 4 ddd
nisayon 5 fff
not giving up
Novana 1
Oleg Oleg part 1
Oleg and the war moment of crisis
Opening – part 1 test test
Opening of Terms & Conditions sets the tone
parent-teacher dialogue
plate june yaron gfdgdgd
positive group dynamics
Price of free – bookmarh Section 1
Price of free: bookmark section 2 Section 2
Racial Identity Develpment Kendall and Grant share their stories and insights
Racist behavior at a game
Radical Evil PscHyology
Radical Evil PscHyology
Radical evil Pscholocy section
repeat offenders
repeat offenders
repeat offenders
repeat offenders
repeat offenders
Roberto See the experience of one support staff on campus
roni roni
roni test bookmark RONI TEST BOOKMARK
roni test bookmark RONI TEST BOOKMARK
roni test bookmark RONI TEST BOOKMARK
Sample TEST
Save this for Philosophy class
Scene about UN general Assembly rules
Scout and help the couple scouts the border wall and the helpers talk about the wall
second bookmark FIRST BOOKMARK
Senate confirmation
Someone talking about walls
South Africa patrol talking talking about walls and why we have them
Steinmertz’s decision Focuses on choice and trust.
Steinmetz intro
sweet success part 1
sweet success part 2
sweet success part 3
TEST Testy Test
Test test
Test Test
TEST כתוביות בדיקת כתוביות
test – 1
test – 1 Test -1
test – 1 Test -1
test – 2 test - 2
test – 4 test - 4
test 1
Test 17.1.17 Test
test 3
test 3 test 3
test 3-1/2
test 5 test -5
test 6 test 6
test 6 test 6
test clip test clip description
test clip 2
test clip II
test for shared bookmark
test NM bookmark
test unbounded
The 50 year argument bringing feminism into the argument
The encounter this is where ramli realized he would be killed
The Optimists yaron some text
The Optimists yaron private
tito – test 1 test - 1
To have or to have less
Trying to relate
U.S helpers talking about items Helpers talk about all clothing left behind have story
Week 2
Whitney Young Magnet School Nate
WOW shared WOw shared
yaron 15 april test gfdgdfgf fdgdgdgdfgdd
yaron 7-12
yaron test crumb
yaron test crumb