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List of films with embed for:

10 Billion – What’s On Your Plate?
112 Weddings
3 1/2 Minutes, Ten Bullets
5 Broken Cameras
5 Days in New York
50 Years! Of Love?
9 Years Later
A Collection of Short Films by Joshua Oppenheimer
A Diary of Healing
A German Life
A Hebrew Lesson
A Letter to a Friend in Gaza
A Lion in the House
A Match Made in Heaven
A Mi Lado
A Place At The Table
A Promise to the Dead
A River Changes Course
A Slum Symphony
A Stranger’s Skin
A Trip to the Other Planet
Addicted to Plastic
Advanced Style
African-American Studies
Aftermath: the Remnants of War
Agnus Dei: Lamb of God
All that Glitters
Allah in Europe
America to Me
American Psyche
American Revolutionary – The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs
An Inconvenient Sequel
Are You Listening
Art and Craft
Arts and Culture
As Time Goes By In Shanghai
Asian Studies
Autumn Gold
Avenue Zero
Babelsberg from East to West
Before Stonewall
Before the Last Curtain Falls
Beirut! Not Enough Death to Go Round
Berlin for Beginners – A Roma Home Movie
Bert Stern: Original Mad Man
Better this World
Bettie Page Reveals All
Bicycle, Spoon, Apple
Big Tobacco, Young Targets
Bitter Seeds
Bittersweet Joke
Black Wave
Blush of Fruit
Born to be Free
Breathing Underwater
Brides of Allah
Broken Places
Burma Soldier
Burma VJ
Café Nagler
Call me Kuchu
Cartel Land
Cat Dancers
Cathedrals of Culture
Censored Voices
Char… the No Man’s Island
Chasing Asylum
Children of the State
China Blue
China Heavyweight
Cinema mon amour
Classics Collection
Coach Zoran and His African Tigers
Coast Modern
Comic Book Confidential
Common Threads
Crimes of Honour
Dancing with the Devil
Dangerous Acts Starring the Unstable Elements of Belarus
Danube Hospital
Dark Side
Darwin. No services ahead
Daughters of Mother India
Dead Sea Living
Deaf Jam
Death and the Maiden
Death by a Thousand Cuts
Despite the Gods
Devil’s Bargain
DHARAVI Slum for sale
Die Before Blossom
Dimona Twist
Dinosaur 13
Dior and I
Disability Studies
Do I Sound Gay?
Dollars for a Saint
Dolls. A Woman from Damascus
Domino Effect
Dust. The great Asbestos Trial
Eames: The Architect and the Painter
Echoes of War
Edie and Thea – A Very Long Engagement
Elephant’s Dream
Empire of Dust
Enemies of the People
Environmental Studies
Everything Will Be
Eye of the Day
F**k for Forest
Fallen City
Family Matters
Family Matters (Girsa Deyankuta)
Fatal Promises
Field Diary
Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children
Finding Fela
Five Days to Dance
Footprints of War
Ford Transit
Forever Pure
Forgetting Dad
Fort McMoney – Vote Jim Rogers!
Fortunate Son
Free Lunch Society
Freedom For The Wolf
Fresh Dressed
Fukushima – A Nuclear Story
Gay Champions
Gender Studies
Generation SMS
Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould
Girl Model
Go Grandriders
Good Garbage
Good Things Await
Google and the World Brain
Greece: Days of Change
Guantanamo’s Child – The Omar Khadr Story
Guardians of The Earth
Gypsy Davy
Happy Purim
Harbour of Hope
Harlan: In the Shadow of the Jew Suss
HAVA NAGILA: The Untold Story of the World’s Most Popular Song
Health Factory
Henry Miller – Prophet of Desire
Here’s Looking at You, Boy
Herman’s House
Heroes for a Semester
High Tech, Low Life
History, Memory, Reenactment
Hitler’s Children
Holy Fire
Hot Docs
House Call – Vika
How Much Does your Building Weigh, Mr Foster?
How to lose your virginity
Hugo Pratt in Africa
Human Rights
Huxley on Huxley
I Am a Woman Now
I Am Here
I Am Kuba
I Love Venice
Imaginary Witness
In Bed with the Arab Spring
In God’s Hand
In My Room
In The Bazaar of Sexes
In the Name of the Family
In the Shadow of the Sun
Inside the Chinese Closet
Into the North
Iraqi Odyssey
Iron Crows
Isis, Tomorrow. The Lost Souls of Mosul
Israel LTD
Israel/Palestine Studies
It’s Not Yet Dark
Italy Love it or Leave It
Jaha’s Promise
Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet
Jerusalem Cuts
Jerusalem is Proud to Present
Jewish Studies
Justice for Sale
K – 12
Kalash, The Last Infidels of Pakistan
Kapitalism – Our Secret Recipe
Karla’s Arrival
Kashmir: Journey To Freedom
Katharine Hepburn – The Great Kate!
Kick Out Your Boss
Kim’s Story
King Bibi
La Paloma – The Melody of Longing
Land Grabbing
Last Harvest
Last Supper for Malthus
Last Train Home
Leaving Africa
Legal Studies
Legend of a Warrior
Leila Khaled Hijacker
LGBT Studies
Liebe Perla
Life Is Sacred
Life Sentences
Light Fly, Fly High
Like The Others
Limited Partnership
Little People Big Dreams
Living Downstream
Lone Twin
Long Distance Love
Lost Down Memory Lane
Love Always, Carolyn
Love and Engineering
Love Marriage in Kabul
Machine of Human Dreams
Mad as Hell: Peter Finch
Manufacturing Consent
Maori Boy Genius
Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present
Master of the Universe
Matthew’s Laws
Mighty Uke
Millions Can Walk
Miss Nikki and the Tiger Girls
Modern Slavery
Mona Lisa is Missing – The Man Who Stole The Masterpiece
Monica & David
Music From the Inside Out
My Barefoot Friend
My Beautiful Dacia
My Country, My Country
My Life: Isabella Rosellini
My Love Don’t Cross that River
My Prairie Home
My Sweet Canary
My Thai Bride
My Toxic Baby
My Way To Olympia
Naked Opera
Nero’s Guests
News from Home / News from House
Night Will Fall
No Fire Zone
No Look Pass
No Word for Worry
No. 17
Note by Note
Nowhere to Call Home: A Tibetan in Beijing
Oleg and the War
On Her Shoulders
On the Bride’s Side
One Minute for Conductors
Only The Dead
Open Heart
Operation Wedding
Paragraph 175
Paris was a Woman
Peace vs. Justice
Performative Documentaries
Pets On Prozac
Planet of Snail
Poor Europe
Position Among the Stars
Poverty, Inc.
Pray the Devil Back to Hell
Print the Legend
Project Wild Thing
Putin’s Games
Radical Evil
Reach for the Sky
Recessionize! For Fun and Profit
Red Forest Hotel
Reflection on the State of Impunity
Reporters Against Power
Requiem for the American Dream
Return Of A President – After The Coup In Madagascar
Roll Red Roll
Running With Beto
Russian Libertine
Scarlet Road. A Sex Worker’s Journey
Scientology. The Truth About A Lie
Scottsboro: An American Tragedy
Sea of Butterfly
Seeds of Summer
Semper Fi: Always Faithful
Shadows of Liberty
Shake Hands With the Devil
Shape of the Moon
Sheffield Doc/Fest
Shock Head Soul
Shock Room
Side by Side: The Science, Art, and Impact of Digital Cinema
Sila and the Gatekeepers of the Arctic
Silicon Wadi – A Hightech Soap Opera
Singing With Angry Bird
Sisters in the Struggle
Slaves of the Sword – Ariel Sharon
Sleepless in New York
Slow Food Story
Snow Monkey
Social Work
Something Better to Come
South to North
Space Tourists
Special Flight
Speed Sisters
State of Play
Steam of Life
Still Loved
Sugar Coated
Sundance Film Festival
Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon
Sushi: The Global Catch
Sweet Dreams
Sydney Film Festival
Tea Time
Teacher Irena
Thank You For Playing
The Act Of Killing
The Age Of Aluminium
The Al-Mahdi Scouts
The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye
The Brandon Teena Story
The Carbon Rush
The Case Against 8
The Celluloid Closet
The Cemetery Club
The Chimpanzee Complex
The Chinese Lives Of Uli Sigg
The Cleaners
The Coca-Cola Case
The Cola Conquest
The Condemned
The Corporation
The Defector
The Dickumentary
The Distant Barking of Dogs
The Electric Mind
The Empire of the Scents
The Fear of 13
The First Patient
The Gatekeepers
The Giant Buddhas
The Good Son
The Great Invisible
The Guantanamo Trap
The Hangman
The House I Live In
The House on August street
The Human Face of Big Data
The Judge
The Lab
The Last Catch
The Last Impresario
The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne
The Lifeguard
The Lumberfros
The Man Nobody Knew. In Search of My Father CIA Spymaster William Colby
The Man who made Angels Fly
The Mexican Suitcase
The Muses of Bashevis Singer
The Network
The New Rijksmuseum
The Oath
The Optimists
The Other Side of the Wall
The Price of Free
The Price of Sex
The Punk Syndrome
The Rainbow Warriors Of Waiheke Island
The Ridge
The ro*co Collection
The Road to Fame
The Shelter
The Storm Makers
The Successor of Kakiemon
The Sun Behind the Clouds. Tibet’s Struggle for Freedom
The Swedish Theory of Love
The Tale of Nicolai and the Law of Return
The Team
The Times of Harvey Milk
The Vanishing Spring Light
The Women Pioneers
The Woodmans
The Workers Cup
Thieves By Law
This Ain’t No Mouse Music
This Is My Picture When I Was Dead
To See If I’m Smiling
Tomorrow We Disappear
Top 10 Environmental films
Top 20 Best-Sellers
Toto and his Sisters
Toxic Playground
Trembling Before God
Tribeca Film Festival
True/False Film Festival
True/False Selection
Turning with Antony & the Johnsons
Tutti A Casa – Power to the People?
Twin Sisters
Two Raging Grannies
Ukraine Is Not a Brothel
Unseen Enemy
Unwanted Witness
Urban Studies and Architecture
Vanishing Point
Vienna’s Lost Daughters
Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt
Vulva 3.0, Between Taboo and Fine Tuning
Wadi Grand Canyon
Wadi, Ten Years Later
War of Lies
War Photographer
Weapon of War
Web Junkie
What Is Left?
Where is my Son?
Which Way Home
White Black Boy
White Rage
Why the Jews?
Wiebo’s War
William S. Burroughs: A Man Within
Wings of Defeat
Women Behind the Camera/ Shooting Women
Women Of Hamas
Women’s Lust
World Class Kids
Yalom’s Cure
Yang Ban Xi
Yolki Palki
Total Published with embeded film: 494