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Berlin International Film Festival is one of the world’s leading film festivals, founded in West Berlin in 1951. The festival includes seven sections, as well as additional “curated special series”.

Berlinale Collection

  • Kashmir: Journey To Freedom
    Kashmir: Journey To Freedom | Director: Udi Aloni  
    Year of production: 2009| Country of production: Israel | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    Once described by Mahatma Gandhi as “a pillar of light in a subcontinent lost in darkness,” Kashmir has become a land of terror and despair; suffering under the strain of violence and human rights violations. This film tells the story of a new generation of young Muslim Kashmiris who, after years of armed resistance, lay down their arms and start a nonviolent resistance movement in the hope of finally achieving peace and independence

  • Art/Violence
    Art/Violence | Director: Batoul Taleb   Udi Aloni   Mariam Abu Khaled  
    Year of production: 2013| Country of production: USA | Language: Arabic, English, Hebrew (with full English subtitles available)

    Following the lead of their beloved director and peace activist, Juliano Mer-Khamis, who was murdered on April 4th, 2011 outside the Freedom Theater in the Jenin Refugee Camp in the West Bank, they use their imagination in an unpredictably brutal environment creating an artistic rebellion; a vivid and brave portrayal of a young, active generation of Palestinians.

  • Naked Opera
    Naked Opera | Director: Angela Christlieb  
    Year of production: 2013| Country of production: Germany, Luxembourg | Language: English, French, German (with full English subtitles available)

    Mark is a brilliant, funny and incredibly rich businessman. Knowing his life will end soon, he escapes his work routine through travel, and plans his trips according to where Mozart’s opera Don Giovanni will be playing next. He introduces his young lovers into the aristocratic world surrounding this musical passion, until one day he falls in love with a young porn star.

  • Night Will Fall
    Night Will Fall | Director: Andre Singer  
    Year of production: 2014| Country of production: Denmark, Israel, United Kingdom, USA | Language: English, Hebrew, Russian (with full English subtitles available)

    Night Will Fall tells the story of the liberation of the German Concentration Camps. Using remarkable archive footage and testimony from both survivors and liberators, it tells of the efforts made to document the almost unbelievable scenes that the Allies encountered on liberation.
    The film explores how a team of top filmmakers, including Sidney Bernstein, Richard Crossman and Alfred Hitchcock, came together to make a film to provide undeniable evidence of what the Allies found, but the film was stopped in its tracks by the British Government and only now 70 years on, has it been completed. Each new generation deserves access to this evidence.

  • Slow Food Story
    Slow Food Story | Director: Stefano Sardo  
    Year of production: 2013| Country of production: Ireland, Italy | Language: English, Italian (with full English subtitles available)

    In 1986, Carlo Petrini founded the ArciGola Gastronomic Association in Italy. Three years later he launched Slow Food, an international anti-fast-food resistance movement. An ebullient presence, Carlìn (as he is affectionately known around the world) has become an ambassador for thinking differently about food. From the tiny town of Bra, home to some 27,000 inhabitants, the Slow Food movement has grown to become a revolution, which now has roots in over 150 countries.

  • The Act Of Killing
    The Act Of Killing | Director: Joshua Oppenheimer  
    Year of production: 2012| Country of production: Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom | Language: Indonesian (with full English subtitles available)

    In a country where killers are celebrated as heroes, the filmmakers challenge unrepentant death squad leader Anwar Congo and his friends to dramatise their role in genocide. But their idea of being in a movie is not to provide testimony for a documentary: they want to be stars in their favourite film genres—gangster, western, musical. They write the scripts. They play themselves. And they play their victims. This is a cinematic fever dream, an unsettling journey deep into the imaginations of mass-murderers and the shockingly banal regime of corruption and impunity they inhabit.

  • Cathedrals of Culture
    Cathedrals of Culture | Director: Wim Wenders   Michael Glawogger   Michael Madsen   Robert Redford   Margreth Olin   Karim Ainouz  
    Year of production: 2014| Country of production: Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    This 3D film project about the soul of buildings allows six iconic and very different buildings to speak for themselves, examining human life from the unblinking perspective of a manmade structure. Six acclaimed filmmakers bring their own visual style and artistic approach to the project. Buildings, they show us, are material manifestations of human thought and action: the Berlin Philharmonic, the National Library of Russia Halden Prison, the Salk Institute, the Oslo Opera House, and the Centre Pompidou. The series explores how these landmarks reflects our culture and guards our collective memory.

  • Vulva 3.0, Between Taboo and Fine Tuning (FT)
    Vulva 3.0, Between Taboo and Fine Tuning (FT) | Director: Claudia Richarz   Ulrike Zimmermann  
    Year of production: 2014| Country of production: Germany | Language: German (with full English subtitles available)

    The world around us constantly puts naked women and their genitalia on display. But many women are still deeply prudish when it comes to the relationship with their own body. VULVA 3.0 looks at sex education and censorship, the airbrushing of ‘misshapen’ labia in pornographic images, the cosmetic genital surgery and the work of activists against female genital mutilation – and in doing so celebrate the diversity of the female body.

  • Drone
    Drone | Director: Tonje Schei  
    Year of production: 2014| Country of production: USA | Language: English (with full English subtitles available)

    Michael Haas has played war video games since he was 5. At 19 he is employed by the US AirForce as a drone pilot.
    This is the new warfare: Young gamers recruited to operate drones through their computers to kill real people 7000 miles away. This is not science fiction but today’s reality and the big investment of the future: Robot war. As technology expands at an unprecedented rate we are part of an experiment that changes our wars and possibly our world. DRONE gives crucial context and new perspectives that reveal crucial secrets of the CIA drone war and asks where we are headed.

  • Radical Evil
    Radical Evil | Director: Stefan Ruzowitzky  
    Year of production: 2013| Country of production: Austria, Germany | Language: English, German (with full English subtitles available)

    “We were only following orders.” This remarkable film asks why Nazi soldiers agreed to do what they did, exploring how killing became a routine, how these men managed to excuse themselves, how they were manipulated by their leaders. It’s the blueprint of a genocide. We hear the killers’ thoughts as they wrote them down in letters and diaries at the time, and what they said in court years later. RADICAL EVIL is marked by Oscar®-winning director Stefan Ruzowitzky’s scenic transformations and DoP Benedict Neuenfel’s development of a unique visual language.

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